Outdoor Events going longer into the night!

When space is an issue or when the theme suited to it, events taking place out of doors is the perfect option for all of us to celebrate in the glory of the Summer.

And what’s not to like about Summertime? The days are longer with the mornings earlier and brighter…. And there’s a warmth in the air that brings us all to live part of our day outdoors. And with the colour bursting through from the ground, it’s like living in a painting! Our wonderful event spaces in all their glory, draws in the colour-laden evenings with a confident glow.

Lighting up from the entrance in…

Imagine an avenue of ground torches or flame bowls leading into a party. The magic of a flame lit entrance will ignite the party mood instantly, almost luring guests inside.

Pop them a metre or two apart and invest in a good barbecue lighter or gas blowtorch lighter, depending on if they are oil/gel based or have a large central rope wick. The heavier wick based flame torches take longer and need that extra force of fire to get them lit.

If you have flame plates on gravel or concrete, they should be fine, but pop a slice of wood or a metal flowerpot stand under them if placing them on grass so it won’t scorch it.

Know what burning time you will get from you flame torches and bowls. Then you can judge the time they should be lit and/or topped up in order for them to last all evening. It might be good to do a trial run before your event, taking to the garden yourself some evening to enjoy a candlelit soiree!
Coloured oils giving coloured flames are also an option for added drama.

When planning your event, the ambiance should be high priority!

Creative lighting with reflection is a classy way to bring even you candlelight to life. Put water bowls or mirrors in groups of 3 with high and low candlelight on a lawn, for example
Putting a hurricane vase within a vase of water is another trick to cast the light further. Accessorise water features with temporary lighting brings an otherwise dark, light absorbing feature to life.

Using trees or Manmade frames

Suspended candlelight in trees and pagodas makes beautiful walls of flames possible. High and low, large and small, all creating a focal point and wall of light to frame a patio or deck area.

Making outdoor rooms

Mix Decor props with your own furniture to create your outdoor party room. For example,  suffocating  deep Sofas in colourful throws and cushions flanked with oversized candelabras and blossom trees dripping in hanging votives. Or glass-topped coffee tables spread with tropical leaves and floral bowls, hosting the dappled light of Moroccan lanterns.

Textures and tones

Bring the light near. Bring the light far. Make you candlelight work the space for you, play with it, that’s why you should do a trial run and save the guessing on the day of the party!

It’s a pity to find yourself in darkness towards the end of the evening. Invest in good 8 hour nightlight for votives, and good quality chunky pillar candles for hurricanes. Take note that candles burn faster in a breeze or from an air conditioning unit. In a calm and happy environment, they will burn contently all night long!

Glass Hurricanes

Votives are a lovely way to light areas of your event space that will keep your candles and t-lights safe from light winds. Groupings of various quantities will bring interest and diversity to a candlelit setting. Nooks and crannies in walls and flowerbeds lend themselves to becoming luminescent features. Faraway lighting may glorify a setting while near lighting will bring that comfortable cosy feeling to the party.

Your Event toolkit
When preparing for your party, kit yourself out with the best tools for lighting up and snuffing out. Reliable and refillable lighters are worth their weight in gold, and smart snuffers and quenchers will give you peace of mind when you finish up.

Safety at your party.
It may sound crazy, but a few buckets of sand or water lurking in the shadows are a good back up in case anything catches fire somewhere at your party. Nowadays we have the convenience of fire extinguishers as well, so if you have them, keep them to hand and make sure your guests note where they are

Enjoy the party!