When we invest in décor props at Weddings by Franc , we know we must take care of them in order for them to be part of the next event. This involves unboxing all the décor props back at our studio after an event. They are given a clean and dried out before packing them away.
For outdoor lanterns, the glass and the metal require 2 different cleaning products.We find that the car care products are great for this!! Here are some tips we use for our wedding and event Lanterns to help us achieve gleaming results!
The car glass cleaner goes on with a soft cloth or kitchen paper to create a clouded film over the glass, which you then rub off with a dry cloth or paper. What we love about this is that you can see where the product is so that you don’t miss any part of the glass. Because its normally used for cars, its designed to clean without streaks and tackle tough dirt from roadside environments.
The inside of lanterns get “smokey” from the candles burning inside. You may not really notice this until you go to clean it and then you see all the black on your cloth!
For spilled wax on the glass and on the base of the lantern, we use a scraper with a Stanley blade. In order to remove any residue afterwards, we use a tar remover product for cars. A painters surface cleaner also helps melt it away. There are many sticker removal products which will also remove wax very well.

Once the metal cleaner has been rubbed over the lantern exterior, we buff with a hand held car polishing machine which takes the need for elbow grease away!!! For smaller lanterns with smaller surfaces, you may need to polish them without the use of the polisher! We normally like to clean the glass of a lantern first, and finish with the metal cleaning.
We would advise the use of a mask when using cleaning products up close. We would also advise to always do a patch test on your lantern to make sure the product is right for your type of lantern. You may want to wear gloves while cleaning. Always check first that the glass in the lantern is intact before you commence cleaning. Never apply too much pressure when cleaning in case it breaks.

For storage and transporting purposes, fill your lantern with bubble wrap or scrunched up newspaper. This ensures the glass panels are supported on the inside.

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