All events start from one small detail. It can be an engagement ring, a date in the calendar, a location, an achievement or a tradition. It can be an instantaneous celebration on good news, a real-time occasion on family news or a well planned event at the end of a year- long project.

Whatever the occasion and however it was conceived, setting the scene is an integral part of the planning process.

Props with Personality

Every event you do will take on your personality in its own way. The guaranteed success of an event is inevitable when all the senses work together to let your Personality shine through! It can be immensely satisfying to see the rewarding collaborations between beautiful decor props and individual décor touches within your event design.

And décor props are an integral part of every event setting. They tell your story, they shine your light and they incapsulate your mood. The addition of these props bring your story to life, offering your guests the opportunity to celebrate with you in your own personal way with your own distinctive style. For example, if you love florals and are known for your love of purple, then using it throughout your celebration will reflect your personality they know so well.

To take an example, if you are planning your wedding, you will spend time visiting various properties to see what services each one  has to offer you. Then you distill all of that information and prioritize your requirements that will eventually lead you to your final choice. So the process for you is all about looking, learning and living through the event, visualizing the setting while on site in order to pick the right location for your wedding.

Thereafter, choosing the right look and accessorizing it is the next exciting journey. Spending time online for inspiration is common place now, but also looking around shops or even other event spaces such as parks and museums can give your loads of fantastic inspiration.

The Marriage of Props

The marriage of different event props can be as wild or as conservative as you want for your theme. For Example, An urn of fresh strawberries in the shape of a heart for a wedding drinks reception or Alice in Wonderland themed event? It works well both ways! How about black candles for a Summer wedding paired with cerise pink, lime and apricot florals? Anything is possible and inspiration can come from anywhere. Incidentally, there are many  creative online platforms and some that create colour palettes from your photographs. This is really exciting if you want to pull together the visuals for an unusual design or even create a natural palette of colour that marry well wherever they are put together.

The use of Décor props is wide-ranging, from being stand-alone feature pieces to functional elements in an overall design. These functional props could include Candle stands and sconces that give candlelight a warm and atmospheric setting; Tall vases that allow designers to create tumbling florals; Chair covers that unite a look in an event space. What is great about décor props is that you can change up the use of them for what every you want depending on your design.

And props can be sourced in the most unexpected places! And used in the most extraordinary ways! Bathtubs cut into sofas for garden parties….An entrance of curling silk tulip chandeliers hanging over your head…..Paper lampshades with glass hurricane sleeves to make candlelight centrepieces…. You can be really clever with all that is around you. And with a few base props such as candle plates, vases or lanterns, you can bring new life to ordinary everyday items for use at your event.

Franc’s Vision

When Franc walks through a venue, he is visualizing the event or wedding already in his head, taking in everything that he sees around him. He may also see opportunities to use the setting in the way others may not and believes the event begins from the moment you step foot into the setting.

Even when he is planning a party at home, he goes through the same process. He has to look at his own event space through different eyes even though he has used it all before!! But this is what attracts him to the designing of an event. He has used his décor props in a variety of ways in many settings. But every event is unique due to the assortment of combinations and styles the props lend themselves to.

At the end of the day, let your personality shine through your event décor and make the most of your event setting wherever it may be!


Franc is a Wedding and Event Designer based in Ireland. For more information, visit