Colourful Occasion with House of Franc

It’s hard to deny that many event themes are driven by the multifunctional features of flowers. They add layers to event plans, from beginning to end. From floral graphics on invitations to petals down an aisle, they lend themselves to fit right in whatever the design.


Franc always talks about the igniting of emotions when it comes to planning an event.  And the sense of smell plays a huge role when it comes to planning a design using fresh florals. Some flowers are known for their scents, such as David Austin Roses or Lily of the Valley and some flowers don’t have a strong scent at all. Bridal Bouquets usually contain a selection of scented florals that will evoke happy memories for the bride in later years. Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis) comes in from the floral market in Holland with its roots attached and on occasion we give our brides the roots from her lily of the valley so that she can plant them in her own garden and enjoy the flowers year after year.

Visual Impact

Nothing beats nature when it comes to putting on a show.

Flowers are not only used artistically in many installations for weddings and events, but even feature in Spectacular Annual parades, such as the Springtime Dutch Flower Parade which is 42kms long and attracts a huge crowd along its route.



When it comes to emotional events such as wedding and anniversaries, flowers play a huge role. Everyone has a favourite flower, for its colour, scent or remembrance factor. The royal family likes to traditionally put flowers from their gardens into the bridal bouquets. Historically, this has been done over the years and it is a wonderful tradition.

Colour Trends

As the artistic colour wheel was invented as a guide when planning a colour palette, it’s a good reference tool to have in your toolkit when planning your florals for your event. We also include paint swatches and the pantone swatches in our kit as they are a convenient resource to refer to as well. Sometimes it the more unusual colour combinations that work amazingly together.

Complimenting neutral palettes

Many venues offer a neutral palette in their interiors so that their clients can be more creative with their space. We have enjoyed planning events from scratch in these venues as they don’t compete with a design and you can create colourful spaces through the use of florals and lighting. Even though a colourful flower palette will give vibrancy to your event, the use of lighting can also change the colours of the florals. A mix décor props used creatively together with florals make memorable statement pieces.

Know your flowers

Themes can stem from a tiny aspect of a flower and it’s important to know how your florals will work for you. Tumbling arrangements work well with Phalaenopsis Orchids and soft grasses whereas Gladioli and Delphinium will give height to an arrangement. Hydrangeas will give body and soul to a display and carnations will give block colour and longevity. Mixing textures like Gloriosa Orchids with Cala Lillies and Chrysanthemums work well when layered together.

With a Rainbow of colours and styles to choose from,for every colourful occasion, enjoy designing your event florals!

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